When You Think Of Practicing Piano, What Feelings Manifest?

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Has Practicing Piano Become An Inconvenience?

Practicing Piano | Piano Lessons In Sarasota“I really should practice today”… “I’m not practicing piano enough”… “I’m don’t feel motivated to practice”…

The above thoughts come in a variety of flavors but they all represent the mind set of a person who has an inner contradiction going on when it comes to spending time at that piano or keyboard. Within each of these thoughts is a bit of self punishment (at least to a degree). When we start saying “I should…” we immediately send a message to ourselves that we are doing wrong, falling short of expectations, or not living up to 100%.

The truth is that this type of thinking can really sabotage us more than we think. It immediately sets up a hurdle that must be overcome. It’s the reason so many youngsters who take on a new endeavor like engaging in piano lessons quit before they ever get in touch with their potential. They hear it time and time again from one or both parents: “Why aren’t you practicing?” Immediately, a mental equation manifests: “Piano lessons = Reprimands.” However, this doesn’t just apply to youngsters. Most of us, as adults, were brought up with that same kind of treatment. So, when we get older, how do we go about keeping ourselves in check? You got it! We use that parental voice that exists within to issue the same type of manipulation, and we resist it, too. Thus, the conflict. Before you know it, “piano lessons = inconvenience.”

There really are better ways of handling such situations. For one, consider acknowledging that you may have not lived up to your original expectations in terms of spending time practicing. Accept that fact. Know that it’s okay. Don’t use it as a reason to judge yourself to any degree. Once you adopt a mind set of complete acceptance, honestly consider why you’re not devoted to spending time at those keys. Is it something you can communicate with your teacher? By all means, do that. Is it due to the fact that you’re busy and you only have a few times during the week that you can actually sit at that piano or keyboard? If that’s the case, ask your teacher for some advice as to how you can get the most out of that little time. With the right piano teacher, you still can have fun enjoying your musical goals a little at a time while not having your involvement with those lessons affect your lifestyle in a negative way. If you originally got involved with those lessons to enhance your life, come to terms with a way that can actually work nicely for you. You don’t need to turn your life upside down to accommodate a new hobby.

Whatever your specific situation, communication with your instructor can absolutely have a positive impact. In addition, it’s important to have a teacher who has a flexible mind set and is willing to customize those lessons in a fashion that allows you to incorporate music into your life while you still get to enjoy life’s other offerings. In short, there is a way to make it happen for yourself!

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