Practicing Piano: Appreciate The Challenges

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How Do You Respond To Challenges?

Practicing PianoWhen practicing piano, consider this when you are faced with challenges:

“As you know already, I am totally in favor of training our responses toward challenges to work for us! And as I mentioned, this is an extremely important concept on which this program is based (and one that is acknowledged quite a bit!). After all, when your thoughts and emotions are working on your side, then every challenge in front of you is viewed from a positive perspective. Maintaining a great attitude as you handle challenges – better yet, as you welcome challenges – gives you a much more resourceful state to work from!

I’m sure you can recall situations or events that have repeated themselves in your past experience in which you reacted differently toward them, depending on your state of mind at the time. Maybe one example is while watching a television show (whether it be a situation comedy or other) that you saw twice or more, and you reacted differently toward it the second viewing because of your mind set at the time. Maybe you can recall listening to a certain song – and, depending on what you were thinking or feeling at the time, your interpretation of that song was different during each listening. I think you get the idea here…

So, find something in your musical agenda that offers at least a situation or two in which, in the past, your approach toward it was, let’s say, less than totally optimistic… a challenge(s) in which you have allowed your internal responses to react, even to a slight degree, a bit on the negative side. Be honest with yourself here…

Have you found something? Take a look at one of those situations and actually observe how you react toward it. Is it fingering a certain scale? Making a transition from one measure to another in that new song you’re working on? Is it playing those sixteenths in time? Whatever it is…

R.E.A.C.T.  to it from a perspective that WORKS IN YOUR FAVOR!

R eason for your negative reaction… acknowledge why you feel the way you do about this challenge in front of you
E xcuse if for being there… accept that you had that initial reaction and excuse it, since that reaction hasn’t worked for you
A djust your thinking toward this challenge… understand that getting through this situation will help your musical self-growth
C onsider the benefit it offers… think about how successfully mastering this challenge will prepare you for similar future situations
T urn it in your favor… realizing that this situation is offering you something of value, go at it with enthusiasm!


*Excerpted from 88 Keys To Learning


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