Jazz Piano Lessons In Sarasota, FL

Now Available: Jazz Piano Lessons In Sarasota, FL

Piano Lessons In Sarasota, FL - Jazz & Pop Piano LessonsJazz piano lessons are not the only type of lessons you can enjoy at Pianocadabra but, if you are looking to learn how to play piano in a creative fashion or you want to take your creative skills to higher levels, you’re at the right place! In addition, if you have been enjoying traditional piano lessons, exploring music from the baroque, romantic, and classical periods (and others), you will be able to implement those skills when it comes to playing jazz, pop, or any genre that interests you the most! The simple truth is that there are fewer teachers out there who specialize in the area of piano styling and improvisation. But jazz piano lessons as well as pop piano lessons are available here in Sarasota (feel free to set up a trial lesson)

Let’s take a great standard tune like Misty, written by Erroll Garner (Johnny Burke wrote the words later). Here is an excerpt from a lead sheet for this famous classic:

Piano Lessons Sarasota -Misty

Let’s Unlock The Mystery To Improvising!

Just case this is the first time you have ever seen a lead sheet, you’ll notice that we have only the “upper” staff normally seen as part of the grand staff. Here, we are looking at the treble clef (or G clef), which presents the melody of the song. This can easily be played with the right hand. But what does that left hand do? Well, you see that chord symbols are provided above the staff. If you are not familiar with such chord symbols, then you are going to be in for some very special treats as you explore them! For starters, you can visit here if you like to gain access to an easy video/guidebook combination that you can download instantly for such a tiny investment. That will have you mastering some of the most basic piano chords you’ll definitely want to know.

It’s true that a classical performer who has not familiarized himself or herself with what to play when faced with such chord nomenclature would likely seem a bit lost with a lead sheet like this. However, a jazz or pop pianist who is trained in this fashion will consider it an absolute luxury to have such a piece of sheet music available. Why? Because it offers freedom of expression! That’s right. A lead sheet contains just enough information for a pianist who knows how to improvise to perform such a song in a manner that conveys his or her own personality when playing it.

You see, if you were to ask a jazz pianist, “How do you play music that looks like this?” he or she may be quick to respond (with enthusiasm), “Several different ways!” Pretty cool, huh? Yes, the same piece of music that just might confuse the daylights out of a classical pianist not trained to improvise will be looked upon by a jazz player as quite the gift. So, to the learning improvisor, it eventually becomes clear that learning all about piano chords, scales, improvising, chord/scale relationships, and the many other musical rudiments you may or not be familiar with is conducive to adding a whole lot of dimension to your overall musicianship. Truly, if you want to be a well-balanced musician, you’ll want to not only learn how to read music but you’ll also want to learn how to express yourself in a unique fashion, which will be possible as you explore the world of improvisation.

Get An Introduction To Playing Chords On The Piano!

How would you like to get an introduction to this wonderful world of chord playing? Do you think you would take pleasure in being able to sit at the piano and play a round of chords in a manner that allows you to freely express yourself musically? You can! Just contact Pianocadabra for a trial lesson. If you decide to take things further, great! Chances are, once you get a taste of what you are capable of, you will want to get in touch with your personal creative, musical potential by participating in more lessons. But let’s take one step at a time. Sign up for that first lesson and experience the difference!

By the way, these are piano lessons in Sarasota, FL, the exact location (as well as contact information) to be found here.

Have fun exploring your possibilities!


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