Piano Lessons For Kids In Sarasota

Piano Lessons For Kids In Sarasota

What Should You Be Looking For
In A Piano Teacher For Your Child?

easy-way-to-learn-pianoWhen it comes to lessons for your child, in terms of what you should be paying attention to, above all else is your kid’s rapport with the piano teacher. However, it doesn’t stop there. Let’s face it, the early stages of developmental skills is crucial and a determining factor when it comes to your youngster’s progress over the longer haul. Time and time again, the scenario has been witnessed: after the first two or three years of piano lessons with a teacher who was supposedly reputable, the flaws in technique were so prominent that correction of all those weaknesses inevitable resulted in devoted efforts on behalf of a subsequent teacher who was able to recognize what needed attention and set the student in the right direction. In such cases, it’s like going back in time. Money wasted? Depending on your perspective, perhaps.

Yes, just like with any industry, there are people doing what they shouldn’t be doing… and there are piano teachers who shouldn’t be teachers. It’s been often said that the best performers are not necessarily the greatest teachers. That is an accurate statement. That said, are you aware of how many teachers are out there who have a terrific way with students on a personal level who are not able to serve as role models from a performance perspective? Let’s put it this way in the form of another question: Would you rather have your kid exposed for months and months, possibly years and years, to a piano teacher who was good at giving direction from method books and who was really good at selling himself or herself to the parent… or to an instructor who was not only competent in the area of teaching skills but could also show this young student how it’s done every once in a while so that he or she had something to look up to? Would you agree that a piano teacher ought to be able to play examples on that piano or keyboard that go beyond the current level of the student to show them what he or she can look forward to?

You might be amazed by the the number of teachers out there who only made it to perhaps a certain level of competence and have next to zero confidence when it comes to performing in public. Sure, many individuals make their living as specialists as teachers rather than performers. To a point, that’s all great. It may be of interest to note that many piano teachers have made this choice due to their lack of competency with performance. Such teachers are likely to be able to see your child to almost the maximum level of playing competency that they themselves were able to reach. Then it’s time to move them on. But is this the right approach? Wouldn’t it be the better decision to have your kid start with a piano teacher who has “been there, done that” in terms of both performing and teaching? What type of piano instructor is likely to have the most positive impact on that little student of yours over the long haul? As the parent, you be the judge…



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