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Piano Lessons For Adults

Piano lessons in Sarasota for adults and childrenPiano lessons in Sarasota for adults as well as children… Is there a difference from a piano teacher’s perspective when conducting piano lessons for kids and teaching adults? There is a huge one. If you are an adult who aspires to enjoy your experience at that piano or keyboard, you’ll want a teacher with an approach to learning that can adapt itself to your specific needs and wants. For example, if you are communicating with a prospective teacher who has specialized in teaching youngsters for years and years, you will want to be especially tuned into what you are likely to expect in terms of this teacher’s attitude toward you. Is it possible that it will work out? Of course. However, your chances are greatly increased if you adopt the services of a piano teacher who has experience with adapting teaching strategies to different age groups.

More importantly, you will want to discuss what your specific reasons are for wanting to get involved with piano lessons with this prospective teacher. Keep in mind that a significant majority of piano teachers have a “boiler plate” approach to teaching. This is not meant to be construed to mean that there are not exceptions (because there are). Let’s say that you are an adult with a full time job, a family to take care of, and limited time to invest in practicing. Connecting with a teacher who has trained himself or herself to expect certain results from a student just might lead toward a conflict. It’s sad to say, too, but often this leads to the adult quitting lessons while judging himself or herself for not being able to live up to those expectations. Understand this now… it is not because the adult doesn’t have the capacity to learn and have fun at that piano or keyboard… rather, it is due to the teacher not being able to adapt to the situation. This happens way to often.

An adult consistent with the description presented in the last paragraph needs to have a piano teacher who “really gets it” in terms of how and why piano lessons can and will enhance this individual’s life and who is perfectly fine (and actually enjoys) gearing the instruction to this specific situation in a fun and lighthearted way. When this adult student makes his or her way into the lesson studio and says upfront, “I had no time to practice this week and I am not able to come close to playing last week’s lesson material,” a teacher who really understands and sees the big picture will be able to easily accept such honesty and fully commit to the present moment, making for a fun and engaging lesson just the same, while incorporating a sense of humor in the process. Yes, having a piano teacher who has all kinds of flexibility is most certainly conducive to a student enjoying the experience over the long term.

In addition, many adults have past experience and have lost touch with the instrument for a number of years. It’s quite possible that a past teacher had either a very positive impact on a person as a youngster or a very negative one (often, it is the latter). A piano teacher with flexibility and passion for helping people unconditionally can likely amaze this adult by presenting him or her with strategies that are conducive to this individual realizing potential otherwise not even imagined.

How about you? What is your specific situation? Are you an adult considering getting hooked up with piano lessons but are feeling as though you are not sure they can work with your lifestyle? Without hesitating, make your situation known here and discover what’s really possible for yourself.