Piano Care: Make It A Priority

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Piano Care: Protecting Your Investment

Piano CareA piano in the home is an investment. It truly can bring many happy returns to each and every family member. There’s nothing like a home filled with music. In order to get the most out of your investment, your piano should get the kind of care it deserves. Hiring a quality piano tuner/technician to provide regular maintenance to your piano can definitely help you to avoid huge expenses for the need for major repairs that would have otherwise been unnecessary. Proper piano care should be a priority.

Your piano is highly susceptible to changes in climate. Remember, a piano is constructed of mostly wood, from its largest structural components to its smallest intricate mechanical parts. As we know, wood expands and contracts with extreme changes in temperature. As a result, your piano’s quality of tone, intonation, and action are affected.

There are a few things you can do to help minimize these kinds of effects on your piano. One important thing is to place your piano near an inside wall as opposed to an outside wall (especially an outside wall that has doors or windows that are opened often). Direct sunlight can have a negative effect on your piano, as can heating vents and air conditioners. Also, avoid placing your piano near a fireplace.

When it comes to having your piano serviced, the frequency can depend on a variety of factors, including the climatic environment of your home, how often your piano is played, the condition of your piano, and its construction. It is highly advisable to hire a qualified professional who can both tune your piano as well as service other technical aspects of your piano, as you will need to have its action regulated as well as have other minor technical problems corrected and others avoided with the right kind of preventative maintenance. Generally, a piano should be tuned between 1 to three times per year (at least once), and other service usually less often. But, again, it depends on your piano’s particular situation.

Aesthetically, a piano can bring much beauty to a home. But, remember, “out of sight, out of mind” is not a good rule to adhere to when it comes to the interior of your piano. You might find it amazing just how many beautiful looking pianos exist in homes whose inner workings are neglected. Give it the kind of attention it needs, and it truly will return the favor by bringing you many years of enjoyment.


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