Practicing Piano: How To Always Have A Good Week

Practicing Piano: How Do You View Your Results? When it comes to practicing piano, many people seem to subscribe to that old-fashioned mindset of “doing good” or “doing bad” for the week. This train of thought was a trap that was laid out ages ago, based on the concept that “if I punish myself, I’ll […more]

Buying A Piano: Acoustic Or Digital?

Buying A Piano: How Should You Invest? So, you’re considering buying a piano. However, in this age of technology, you hear so much about those digital pianos, you’re not sure which direction to go. How should you invest your hard-earned dollars? Should you go acoustic (the real deal) or digital? Actually, the decision does depend […more]

Playing Piano By Ear

Learning To Play Piano By Ear To the uninitiated, the idea of playing piano by ear can seem rather mysterious, a performing feat only achievable by more advanced players… or for the “specially gifted.” Well, let’s answer a question: did your ears go “on hold” until you understood everything there is to know about the […more]

Take Care Of Your Piano: Piano Tuning & More

Keep Your Piano Happy: Care For It! So what about that piano tuning? Have you scheduled one? A piano can bring many years of enjoyment to a home. For that to happen, it’s important to understand that a piano is more than just a piece of furniture. Sure, it’s what’s on the outside that is […more]

Piano Lessons: It Doesn’t Have To Be A Gamble

Never taken piano lessons before? Does your piano playing experience consist of nothing more than “plinking” a few keys on a piano keyboard without knowing what their names were or what you were even doing? Do you feel that actually making music at the piano (or keyboard) is a far-fetched idea for you, an accomplishment […more]

Learn Piano By Chords

What Does It Mean To Learn Piano By Chords? When a person expresses that he or she wants to “learn piano by chords,” what is really meant by this? Well, generally speaking, what is being referred is a way to approach playing songs by learning to play the chords associated with the melody of a […more]

Improvise At The Piano: Let Your Creativity Shine!

Do You Have What It Takes To Improvise At The Piano? Have you ever wondered how some people just seem to have a knack for being able to sit and improvise at the piano something “off the cuff” that they never even attempted before? When you ask them, “What was that you played?” you might […more]

Creative Piano Lessons In Sarasota

Creative Piano Lessons VS “The Norm” In contrast to the kind of creative piano lessons that may be a little more challenging to hook up with, the traditional piano lesson usually consists of showing up for your lesson, opening up your book, playing the material you practiced during the week, awaiting your piano teacher’s approval […more]

Piano Lessons: Booooooring!

Can You Really Be Making Music After Just A Few Lessons? Are You Bored Out Of Your Wits With Your Piano Lessons? “You have to learn all your notes on the staff first… and then you need to know where they are on the piano keyboard before you can play songs.” That’s what you might […more]

Getting Started With Piano Lessons

Do You Have A Son Or Daughter Interested In Getting Started With Piano Lessons? Are You An Adult Looking To Get Involved With Piano Lessons? “My son/daughter is interested in piano lessons. I thought I would sign up to see if he/she likes it.” That’s a very common statement coming from a parent of a […more]