Learning To Read Piano Sheet Music

Learning To Read Music Made Easy

Learn To Read MusicOnce you learn to read music, you have an entire world of enjoyment at your fingertips. The ability to be able to pick up a piece of sheet music, prop it up on the piano stand, and turn that ink on the page into genuine music is a luxury that, when attained, is irreplaceable. Ahhh the possibilities!

Familiarize Yourself With The Grand Staff

You will want to familiarize yourself with the grand staff, which consists of both an “upper” staff and a “lower” staff. These are referred to as the treble clef (or G clef) and bass clef (or F clef) respectively.
Now, it’s one thing to learn the names of the notes on all those lines and spaces. It’s quite another accomplishment to truly understand the relationship those notes have to the piano keyboard. Of course, this is the goal and it’s worth every iota of time you invest in nurturing this familiarity.

If you would like to print out a free mini eBook that will help you along this avenue, please click here and enjoy! Once you have printed it out, make it a point to be sitting at your piano (or keyboard) while reading it. Spend a few minutes each day with that and you’ll begin to develop some confidence in this area. Of course, enlisting the help of a qualified piano teacher will be conducive to your enjoying quicker results, as a piano instructor who is well trained can offer tips and strategies to accelerate your making progress during this learning curve.

Adopting A Method For Learning To Read Music

As you become more and more competent with associating the grand staff to the keys on the piano keyboard, you will likely want to develop your reading skills to the point where you are confident with more advanced levels of reading. A piano method book can be of great help in doing this. Again, a piano teacher that you interact with one-on-one is strongly suggested, as no method book can serve as a replacement for the teacher-student relationship. If it is your choice to take it upon yourself to learn at your own pace, an online piano method that can be of great help is here (available via instant online access).

Practicing Piano: A Way That Works

When it comes to practicing piano, including spending time learning to read music, do it in a way that works for you. If you do not have a half hour segment that you can devote to this, remember that every bit of effort helps. Consider spending a few minutes of learning to read music at a time. A few minutes here and there is much better than waiting for the “perfect time” to practice. Small practice segments can be extremely effective, in some cases more so than spending larger sessions. So, for example, if you are doing a particular chore (like doing laundry) and you find yourself a tiny amount of time before your next responsibility, go ahead and sit down and have fun at the keys for a couple of minutes or more.

Enjoy Every Moment!

The real key is consistency and a commitment to actually enjoying that time you give to yourself. Keep a smile on your face and have the confidence in knowing that every moment of time that you spend genuinely making an effort and having fun in the process will soon prove to be a terrific investment, as the rewards that await you are just around the corner!

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