Learning Piano: It’s About More Than Just Reading Music

Are You Learning Piano The Old Fashioned Way?

Learning Piano | Piano Lessons In SarasotaFirstly, we want to acknowledge that there are good things to be said about certain aspects of traditional piano lessons. Yes, you want to learn how to read and interpret written music. Also, as you take your reading skills to greater heights, you open yourself up to enjoy performing a wide array of music, including so many of the great classics from yesteryear.

That said, when it comes to discovering your true musical potential, are those lessons really helping you to achieve that? Put simply, by learning to read music and play what you are reading, is that where it ends for you? Is that truly getting in touch with your what you really are capable of musically?

If your training is limited to having that piano method book propped up on the music stand and your enduring one subsequent page after another, maybe supplemented with some Hanon exercises or something similar, you may want to at least be open to the fact that there is more to learning music than that. Furthermore, if you have found that your ambition for those lessons has dwindled a bit (or if your child’s has), it might be time to consider your options.

There may be teachers who offer opposing views to this but, before you’re quick to subscribe to their opinions, you may want to inquire a little further as to whether or not they themselves are suited to offer much more than described above. That’s not to be construed to mean that they don’t have their strong points, since everyone does. But, again, the issue here is whether or not you are obtaining the best value for your investment of both time and money.

Are You Getting In Touch With Your Creativity?

Sure, it’s quite a wonderful thing to be able to explore the great works of those master composers including Bach, Clemente, Beethoven, Mozart, and so many others. Now, keep in mind that they were composers. They created. How about you? Are you being encouraged to do the same? Or, rather, are you being trained to merely reproduce those works of art as thousands and thousands have already done and continue doing? Doesn’t it seem reasonable to at least have the curiosity to learn what it takes to be one of those creators, too? Whatever particular style you happen to enjoy the most, wouldn’t you like to be able to create within that genre? Again, if you are the parent of guardian of a student, isn’t it important to you to want that youngster of yours to be encouraged to be enjoying his or her creative musical potential rather than learning how to play in a fashion that resembles “taking dictation?”

The choice is always yours. Along with that, the right is always yours to understand the different perspectives available so that you can make your own educated decisions. If this offers you some “food for thought” and perhaps a little inspiration to take a closer look at the value you are receiving for your investment, then the purpose of this message has been fulfilled.

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