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Treat Yourself To The Gift

Learn PianoSo, you’d like to learn piano but have reservations about what kind of an “uphill battle” you’re in for? Actually, that’s the mind set that lots of people adopt whenever they are considering something new. It’s actually the reason most never get started when it comes to pursuing their passions.

That’s unfortunate. But we have good news for you. As far as your learning piano goes, that mind set actually has no place here. There is no “uphill battle.” If there is a battle, it’s in between your own two ears… and that’s where it stops.

By the way, this message applies to adults more than anyone else. After all, children (unless they’ve been “brainwashed” otherwise) don’t have the kind of fear when it comes to trying new things. If a youngster sees a person playing piano and becomes intrigued by the idea, they may instantly become inspired to want to do it, too. Let that child know that he or she has a lesson next week and you’re likely going to be faced with some excitement.

As for adults, well, we’ve learned a lot about what we can’t do, right? Actually, it would be closer to the truth to say that we’ve trained ourselves to listen to the thoughts we harbor about what’s not possible. The simple matter of it all is that this kind of thinking is nothing but illusion. As an adult, why do we hesitate before encountering a new hobby or project? For many, it’s that all-time fear of failure. Whenever we want to protect ourselves from facing defeat or a sense of failure about ourselves, we can always count on the kind of fear that prevents us from taking that first step. After all, if you don’t try, you can’t fail… and no one can prove that you couldn’t do it, right?

What a waste.

A waste of resources, that is. The truth is that you have an innate desire and ability to express yourself musically. Don’t snuff out your passion. Instead, nurture it. Go ahead, give yourself that wonderful chance to “fail” a hundred times while you have fun doing it.

Overcoming negative beliefs about one’s self comes easier to some than others. In direct proportion to how much you listen to your own thoughts, you likely talk yourself out of treating yourself to all kinds of good things.

When an adult enters our studio, the first few minutes usually serve as a transitional experience for the person whose doubts hadn’t been shed yet but who decided to show up for that first lesson. When that person sits behind that piano, places his or hands on the piano keyboard, and follows some simple suggestions, what usually follows is so precious that it can’t be described in words. All of a sudden, those thoughts of non-belief seem to take seat all the way in the back of the bus. The idea of playing piano by ear may have seemed like an ability of “the gifted” prior to that day. Considering that we are all gifted, then let’s not contradict that statement. Just give yourself permission to accept yourself as one of those.

For most, it’s just taking that first step. Don’t listen to your thoughts that breed doubt. If you have a desire to learn piano and have been holding back due to the kind of “stinkin’ thinkin'” we’re referring to, then consider taking a stance outside of yourself. Sometimes you have to allow someone else’s belief in you to take you over a few hurdles before your own belief actually takes over. That just might be your ticket. So, know this: we believe in you.

If you’ve never played piano before and you take the leap of faith, that first lesson is likely to surprise your. Rather, you are most likely to surprise yourself. As you continue your musical journey, you’ll be in for lots of those “Aha!” moments that open your eyes to more and more possibility.

Hmmmm… “Aha!” moments. It seems we can never have too many of those.

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