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Unlock The Secrets To Playing Piano By Ear

Play Piano By EarHave you ever gazed in awe at the individual who can simply sit at the piano and, without sheet music, play a familiar tune as if by magic? Well, although magic is not necessarily an ingredient, if certainly can seem like it. Furthermore, once you learn how to have fun with this ability, your musical journey actually seems to take on a “magical” flair because you’ve realized a confidence in yourself that previously seemed unreachable.

Learning to play piano by ear is a process. The good news is that you don’t have to wait until you’ve reached a certain level of proficiency to start enjoying this ability. You see, it can be enjoyed in steps. The more your “musical ears” mature, the more insightful your playing becomes and the more fun you will have.

There are certain fundamentals that, once you familiarize yourself with them, make the whole journey a lot easier, especially at the beginning. You’ll want to learn a few chords. It may or may not surprise you that some of the most popular songs that you have been listening to for years actually consist of only a few chords. Once you learn them, you instantly gain confidence. It’s a bit like “unlocking” a door that, when opened, you see things in a whole different way.

Let’s take a look at a few chords that we hear time and time again in so many songs:

C Major = C E G

F Major = F A C

G Major – G B D

By the way, do you know what a chord is? A chord is a group of three or more notes played at the same time to create harmony. If you simply play each of the chords mentioned above, you’ll likely instantly hear some sounds that will be familiar to you. Go ahead and play them. As you do so, just listen. this is an important part of developing your “musical ears”… play something and listen to it… play & listen… play & listen… and keep smiling!

Learning to play music by ear is natural process (at least it should be) that you can immediately start having fun with. It’s not a matter of knowing everything about music. It’s about playing and listening… with some guidance and paying attention to certain fundamentals, you gain one insight after another. It’s a journey that, once you get involved with it, you’ll want to stay on!

To learn a little more about those chords in detail and to gain some confidence in playing them, simply visit here and have fun!


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