Practicing Piano

Practicing Piano: How To Always Have A Good Week

Practicing Piano: How Do You View Your Results? When it comes to practicing piano, many people seem to subscribe to that old-fashioned mindset of “doing good” or “doing bad” for the week. This train of thought was a trap that was laid out ages ago, based on the concept that “if I punish myself, I’ll […more]

Summer’s Here: Have Fun Practicing Piano!

Practicing Piano: No Better Time Than Summer! Summer is here, school is out, and the opportunity to indulge in refining your piano playing skills like never before is here! You’re not considering putting a stop to those lessons for the summer, are you? Wow, it’s hard to believe, but there are a select few who […more]

Learning To Read Piano Sheet Music

Learning To Read Music Made Easy Once you learn to read music, you have an entire world of enjoyment at your fingertips. The ability to be able to pick up a piece of sheet music, prop it up on the piano stand, and turn that ink on the page into genuine music is a luxury […more]

Finding The Right Piano Teacher

How Do You Find Just The Right Piano Teacher? ?So, you are looking to enroll your youngster or yourself in piano lessons. How do you go about making the right decision in finding the right piano teacher? Just what can you do to ensure that you will hire the right person? What qualities should you […more]

Practicing Piano: Appreciate The Challenges

Piano Lessons In Sarasota How Do You Respond To Challenges? When practicing piano, consider this when you are faced with challenges: “As you know already, I am totally in favor of training our responses toward challenges to work for us! And as I mentioned, this is an extremely important concept on which this program is […more]

Practicing Piano: Looking For Some Motivation?

Piano Lessons In Sarasota How’s Your Motivation When It Comes To Practicing? It’s completely normal if practicing piano occasionally becomes a bit on the boring side. That’s not a reason to fret. Instead, you can use it as a sign that it might be time to reevaluate what keeps you “sparked.” There are certainly effective […more]

When You Think Of Practicing Piano, What Feelings Manifest?

Piano Lessons In Sarasota Has Practicing Piano Become An Inconvenience? “I really should practice today”… “I’m not practicing piano enough”… “I’m don’t feel motivated to practice”… The above thoughts come in a variety of flavors but they all represent the mind set of a person who has an inner contradiction going on when it comes […more]

Practicing Piano: Is Your Child Not Spending Enough Time At It?

Sarasota Piano Lessons: Practicing Piano Is Your Child Not Motivated To Practice? As you might have guessed, a child that doesn’t spend a lot of time practicing his or her lesson is not uncommon. Actually, it’s less common for the situation to be handled in an effective manner, whether that be on behalf of the […more]