Buying A Piano: Acoustic Or Digital?

Buying A Piano: How Should You Invest?

Buying A PianoSo, you’re considering buying a piano. However, in this age of technology, you hear so much about those digital pianos, you’re not sure which direction to go. How should you invest your hard-earned dollars? Should you go acoustic (the real deal) or digital?

Actually, the decision does depend on some factors. The truth is that both have their place. When it comes to purity, nothing can replace an acoustic piano that is in good condition. You see, a piano is a percussive as well as a string instrument. When you’re playing an acoustic piano, you are actually experiencing both in an authentic way.

So, why even consider a digital piano? Well, going digital can be a good alternative for some specific reasons. Let’s say that you live in an apartment building with very thin walls and you like to practice late at night. Chances are, if you do that on an acoustic piano, you’ll get some feedback from your neighbors that might not be favorable (unless they are exceptionally understanding and love to hear you practice at those hours). However, with a digital piano, you have a couple of options: 1) You can lower the volume to an extremely low level; 2) You can plug in headphones so there’s no chance of anyone but you hearing what you’re playing. Also, with a digital piano, you don’t have to be concerned with a couple of other things: 1) You won’t be having to pay to tune your piano regularly; 2) Your piano won’t be as susceptible to the problems that can occur when climatic changes take place.

That said, the benefits that go hand in hand with having an acoustic are those many purists would not even consider compromising. The regular expense of having the piano serviced is small stuff compared to having the real thing. As mentioned earlier, a piano is both percussive and string-oriented. When playing a digital, you are, in effect, hearing a “recording” of those strings being played. The technology of the digital industry has progressed in an amazing way and the quality of what you hear in a modern digital piano can be quite impressive. Again, your situation and your preferences will play a large part in determining which way to invest.

By all means, if you are considering going the route of a digital piano, be sure that it has a “weighted” action. If you or a youngster of yours is going to be taking lessons, technical development is of high importance and you want those keys to provide the similar resistance that an acoustic piano would. If you have any questions regarding the difference, please feel free to ask.

You may also be wondering if you should invest in a new or used instrument. Actually, it will depend on what is available in your local area. You can often take advantage of a wonderful value when buying used, especially if the piano is an old acoustic that has an excellent reputation and has been maintained well. Whenever you have the opportunity to consider a used acoustic piano, it is suggested that you hire a piano technician to accompany you. The minimal expense that you will incur can be very small relative to what making a wrong decision can cost you. A professional will be better prepared to know what to look and listen for, which will ultimately work in your favor.

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