Blues Piano Lessons: Just One Of Our Specialties

Interested In Learning Blues Piano?

Blues Piano Lessons In SarasotaThere’s nothing quite like being able to sit at that piano or keyboard of yours and improvise over the blues for endless minutes, with each chorus sounding a bit different from the previous. One of the great things about playing the blues is that it is actually something even a beginning piano student can have fun doing with a little guidance. It’s actually one of many specialties here at our studio for those interested in exploring this idiom.

Familiarity with aspects of the blues, including the 12 bar blues form and the blues scale, leads to playing creatively in a manner you might not have thought possible. But having fun playing blues piano is an achievement that is very attainable. Once you are introduced to the basics, there is no limit as to how far you take it from there. Furthermore, learning to improvise over the blues form is conducive to learning to improvise in other genres as well.

We’ll investigate elements such as blues piano voicings, various chord-scale relationships, common blues licks, and more. It just might surprise you when you experience results for yourself as the effects of those voicings and blues motifs roll off your fingertips. Again, it doesn’t have to take you years to be enjoying the blues idiom. Once you develop a little technical ability, you can apply that to playing some blues.

Online Piano Lessons

If you have a little technical experience already and are one who likes to take initiative, you can familiarize yourself with various aspects of blues piano with some very easy-to-understand video learning sessions that are available online. These lessons are all available via instant download. In addition, if you are in the Sarasota area, you can be nurturing your experience with those video tutorials by scheduling some private lessons with the creator of those lessons. That’s a great way to explore your potential with not only playing blues piano, of course, as the focus will be on your very own preferences.

Sarasota Piano Lessons

Whether you are an adult looking to have some fun at the piano or you have a youngster in the family whom you want to take advantage of the many benefits that go hand in hand with learning to play piano, simply visit here to inquire about scheduling a trial lesson without obligation beyond that. Take this opportunity now and you’re likely to find that you’ve made a sound decision for incorporating music into your life or that of one you care about.

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