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Piano Care: Make It A Priority

Piano Lessons In Sarasota Piano Care: Protecting Your Investment A piano in the home is an investment. It truly can bring many happy returns to each and every family member. There’s nothing like a home filled with music. In order to get the most out of your investment, your piano should get the kind of […more]

Understanding Chord Progressions

Piano Lessons Sarasota Chord Progressions: Knowing Them Leads To Greater Music Appreciation Having an understanding of chord progressions is equivalent to have a better handle on how music is put together. Knowledge of what chord progressions are and how a composer utilizes them unlocks much of the mystery behind what makes a song sound the […more]

Piano Improvisation = Freedom of Expression

Piano Lessons In Sarasota Interested In Learning To Improvise? It’s A Specialty Here… If you’ve done some research, you probably discovered that piano improvisation is not necessarily an area of focus in the majority of teaching studios. Why? Well, it’s not difficult to understand when you realize that the majority of piano teachers simply don’t […more]

Learn How To Play Piano By Ear

Piano Lessons In Sarasota Unlock The Secrets To Playing Piano By Ear Have you ever gazed in awe at the individual who can simply sit at the piano and, without sheet music, play a familiar tune as if by magic? Well, although magic is not necessarily an ingredient, if certainly can seem like it. Furthermore, […more]