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Practicing Piano: Looking For Some Motivation?

Piano Lessons In Sarasota How’s Your Motivation When It Comes To Practicing? It’s completely normal if practicing piano occasionally becomes a bit on the boring side. That’s not a reason to fret. Instead, you can use it as a sign that it might be time to reevaluate what keeps you “sparked.” There are certainly effective […more]

When You Think Of Practicing Piano, What Feelings Manifest?

Piano Lessons In Sarasota Has Practicing Piano Become An Inconvenience? “I really should practice today”… “I’m not practicing piano enough”… “I’m don’t feel motivated to practice”… The above thoughts come in a variety of flavors but they all represent the mind set of a person who has an inner contradiction going on when it comes […more]

Playing Chords On The Piano

The pianist with a thorough knowledge of chords and ability to recognize and implement them has a decided advantage. At the very least, a familiarity with your basic chords, including major, minor, augmented, and diminished, along with the basic 7th chords ought to be a goal. A player with years of experience without this type […more]

Practicing Piano: Is Your Child Not Spending Enough Time At It?

Sarasota Piano Lessons: Practicing Piano Is Your Child Not Motivated To Practice? As you might have guessed, a child that doesn’t spend a lot of time practicing his or her lesson is not uncommon. Actually, it’s less common for the situation to be handled in an effective manner, whether that be on behalf of the […more]

Give The Gift Of Music – New Year Special

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