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Back To School Special | Piano Lessons Sarasota

Piano Lessons For Kids & Adults In Sarasota, Florida Back To School Special Save On Piano Lessons! It’s school time and kids are settling into their classrooms. Gosh, the summer went by so fast, didn’t it? Well, here’s to new beginnings! :=) Speaking of new beginnings, as back-t0-school special, you can take advantage of a […more]

Piano Lessons For Kids In Sarasota

Piano Lessons For Kids In Sarasota What Should You Be Looking For In A Piano Teacher For Your Child? When it comes to lessons for your child, in terms of what you should be paying attention to, above all else is your kid’s rapport with the piano teacher. However, it doesn’t stop there. Let’s face […more]

Adult Piano Lessons: Take The Leap

Piano Lessons Sarasota Are You An Adult With Reservations About Getting Started With Piano Lessons? “During my 25 plus years of piano teaching, a significant portion of my clientele has always been adults -adults who have a life of their own, established in their own right when it comes to their business or other – […more]